Jan Krynski has been spearfishing since about 12 years of age some 50 years ago. I started in Perth, West Australia. and have spearfished in South African and Australian national and club level competitions for many years. Area's I have dived include most key areas around Australia, South China Seas, Florida, South Africa and Mozambique, Arabian Sea, The Red Sea, Mediteranian, CoCos and Christmas Islands. In my 50 years of spearfishing I think I have seen much of what is out there. My point is that because of the years of being part of the industry it's not easy to pull the wool over my eyes on what will work and won't work. I have seen most of it and being an engineer helps.

We are based on the South East Coast of Natal in South Africa in a little town on the coast called Scottburgh.

"Spearmaster" was born in 2004 as I attempted to break into the spearfishing market by delivering high quality well priced products. we already think we manufacture the largest and toughest range of spearfishing spears in the world.  KJ spears was an outcome of this from the USA.

Other high quality products we manufacture are: wishbones in braided steel, Spectra (Dyneema), Reels, slip tips, spear tips, float lines, floats, Fish Atracting Devices, fish stringers, weight belts and weights, wishbone insertion tools, diving flags, barbs (floppers), gear bags, gun bags, cray bags, bungie's, gun shock absorbers, bulk rubber, fiberglass blades, cray loops and crooks. To many to mention here.

If there is a product you want made in the line of spearfishing ask us if the numbers stack up and we can do it, then we are both winners.